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Scientific Fraud and Modern Society - The Roman Forum Gardone 2008: These Ruins are Inhabited
James Bogle, Esq
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  James Bogle, lawyer and Catholic activist in the United Kingdom, speaks of the scientific frauds that underline the myths of modern society and social progress. From his unique perspective, he dissects the “dogmatic Magisterium” of “Modern Science,” including a devastating analysis of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity - including the real reason it has become the foundational dogma of the so-called "scientific worldview" that suppresses and censors open honest scientific inquiry.

Given at the 2008 Roman Forum Conference in Gardone - These Ruins are Inhabited
50 minutes

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These Ruins are Inhabited - Gardone 2008 Album
The Full 2008 Roman Forum Conference in Gardone Italy - featuring Dr. John Rao, Christopher Ferrara, Fr. Brian Harrison,Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro Carambula and more. 16 parts - 18.2 hours



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