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T.S. Eliot - The Four Quartets - Part 1 of 2
Dr. David Allen White
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  T.S. Eliot is perhaps the great poet of the traditionalist mentality in the revolutionary Twentieth Century. Here, Dr. White shows, is a man dedicated to the Truth and to Tradition with two capital "t's", and yet open to using innovative tools to defend it in an unprecedented atmosphere of revolution and disaster. The Four Quartets, dealing with the "deconstructed" Europe of the post-World War One era, provides the best framework in which to tackle Eliot's understanding of the problems of modern life, the way to use its "sounds", and the means of finding a path back to sanity. Taken from: My End is My Beginning: The Analogy of Contemporary Christianity With its Ancient Setting - 2001 VonHildebrand Institute



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