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It's as simple as 1-2-3!  You select the Lectures of your choice and add them to your cart... 

You may choose either WMA format (good for slower dial-up connections), or MP3 format (great for cable and DSL, while providing better sound quality than the smaller WMA format)

At checkout, as soon as you have processed your payment, the Lectures are available for download immediately upon reaching the last page of the order process.

You will see the Lecture Audio ID displayed as a link to the Lecture file you have purchased.

Just click the link! The Lecture will download instantly to your computer.

A typical Lecture of 30 minutes takes only seconds to download by Cable or DSL! 

For dial-ups, a 30 minute lecture might take less than 10 minutes to download. 


Depending upon your browser and computer configuration, one of several options are possible. 

In some cases you may listen to the file as it downloads, and you may also specify a folder on your computer to which the file is saved.

Usually when you click the download link, you will be able to choose whether to "Save" it to a folder on your hard drive, or whether you want to "Open"  the file and begin listening.

These options will vary from computer to computer.  Experiment with your own system and use either left or right-clicking to select the options you most prefer.


Once the audio files have been downloaded to your computer, you have three choices on how to listen to the lectures:

You may listen to them directly from your
computer's hard drive. 

To do this, simply locate the file where it was saved and double-click the file name. 

If your system is equipped with audio, the file will begin to play at once!

If you have a CD burner with your computer, you may burn them to a blank CD-R so they can be played from any CD player.

To do this, place a blank CD-R in your CD burner drive, and follow the normal CD burning process.  This will vary according to which CD burner software you use.

IT IS IMPORTANT when doing so, to specify that an AUDIO CD be created (see MP3's Explained! for more detail).

If prompted to select the file type for the file you are burning onto the CD-R, be sure to select the file type (MP3 or WMA) that coincides with the download file format you purchased.

You may also transfer them to an MP3 player to
listen to them anytime, anywhere!

This is done by following the directions which accompany your particular player.  Files can be copied to flash based players just by using drag and drop. 

MP3 players with hard drives use their own software to copy and manage the files on the player.



Since a User Account is set up for you automatically the first time you purchase from Keep The Faith, you will also have the option not to download the files when you checkout. 

You may then return to the site to download these same Lectures from your personal Account Library at any time, simply by signing into "My Account".

By accessing your User Account you may also download the same lectures as many times as you would like. 

Your User Account is like an online library for your downloads.

See MP3's Explained and Getting Started! for more information!



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