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How do I search for Speakers and Topics?

You can enter our Online Store to browse all Conferences from any link that says Shop! or Browse! or Search!

The Storefront offers an overview of:

All Categories
Whatís New!
Bishop Sheen Audio
All Time Favorites

From here you can find just about anything you need!

To browse by a particular
Speaker, you can either enter their name in the Search Box, or follow the Speaker links on the Storefront page.

Using Advanced Search, you can search by any keyword, in any category, by any speaker!

What computer and system configurations are needed in to download and play files from this site?

You will need a computer with a Windows 98 or higher operating system, or a MAC.

Your computer will need to be set up for audio: this will mean speakers and some kind of audio media player, such as RealMedia or Windows Media Player (see below).

If you wish to transfer the audio files to a CD, you will need a CD burner for your computer (either internal or external), and you will need to understand how to use your particular CD burner and burner software.

If you wish to transfer the files to an MP3 player, you will need an MP3 player that connects either directly or by cable to your computer.  Follow the directions which accompany your particular MP3 player in order to transfer the files.

What kind of MP3 player will I need to play the files
    available on this site?

Files on this site are encoded in 8-bit WMA and 16-bit MP3.  The MP3 player you use should be capable of playing files with this bit rate. 

These are some features to look for in an MP3 player.

That it will play 8 and 16-bit MP3 files, with good sound quality fidelity
Has fast forward and rewind, while playing an MP3 or WMA file
Has the "resume to last point" feature
Displays ID tags

How do I download my audio files?

It's very simple!  When you checkout and pay for your order, an Order Confirmation page will appear. 

As long as your credit card has been processed successfully, you will receive an active download link on the Confirmation page for each file you purchase.

Just click the link!  Use left or right-clicking according to you computer's configuration, and whether you would like to specify where to save the file on your computer, and whether you would like to listen to it as it downloads. 

These options will be based entirely upon your computer's setup in handling audio file downloads. 

A little experimentation with left and right-clicking will soon make it clear what your options and preferences are for your particular setup!

What are the download formats available?

MP3 format: for higher bandwidth such as Cable and DSL connections (better sound, but longer download for modems) 24 bit

MP3ís download in seconds using Cable and DSL.

WMA Format (Windows Media Audio): for low bandwidth, such as modems. WMA's offer quicker download times for dial-up connections, but the sound is not as rich as with MP3 format.

WMA files download in about 10 minutes per conference with 56k dial-up modem connections.

PC users can choose either format (MP3 or WMA) depending on their preference for download speed and quality.

MAC users can choose only MP3 format.

Different ways of listening to your selections:

You can download a conference and listen offline on
   your computer, at your convenience.

You can transfer the file to an MP3 player that plays
    MP3 and WMA audio files.

You can burn classes onto blank CD-Rs to play in your
    car or on your home stereo system

To listen at your computer, your computer must be equipped with sound, and you must have either WMA Player or Real Audio Player on your computer.

Get WMA Player for your computer FREE!

Get Real Audio Player for your computer FREE!

What is "My Account"?

"My Account" is your personal address and order history maintained for you online.

It is also a complete history of all your downloaded files, so you can return and download the same files again at anytime!

This account information makes it possible for you to place orders without have to re-enter your billing or shipping information each's right there for you!

Each time you come to the Keep The Faith web site you can, if you choose, log into your Account to view orders, update your billing or shipping information, or your email address.

Do I need to set up "My Account" to buy conferences
    from this website?

There is no need for you to set up an Account for yourself when making a purchase on this website for the first time.

The first time you make a purchase on the Keep The Faith website, a new account will automatically be set up for you when you additional steps needed!

This account will be generated using your email address as your Account ID. 

After your first purchase, you will receive a "Welcome!" email letting you know the User name and Password automatically assigned to your new Account.  You may change these at any time by logging into "My Account"

If at any time you forget or lose your Password, you can generate a new one for the same account as long as you know the Email Address used for your Account.

In the event you do not remember either the Email Address or the Password, you can contact the Customer Service number for your Account information.

How does My Account help me?

"My Account" eliminates the need to re-enter your billing or shipping information when placing an order.

It also makes it possible to maintain an online library of all your downloads, in the event you may ever wish to download them again.

If I lose or damage my audio files, how do I
    download them again

You can download any files you have purchased as many times as you like for your personal use.

You can do this by logging in to your personal Account, and then selecting View Order Detail history.

When viewing the details for each order you have placed, you will see a download link for each file purchased on that order. 

Just click the link and download!

If your question is not listed above, please utilize the following information depending on your needs:

For Billing Inquiries, call (201) 327-5900

For Audio or Download Problems, please contact our technical support team by emailing us at the following address:

(Please note, spaces have been inserted into the email address to avoid spam to this email.  This will help us better serve those who contact us for assistance.  Please delete the spaces when e-mailing to this address, or if you copy and paste it into the address line of your message)

support @



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