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Cults, As Opposed To Genuine Religious Orders
Dr. William Marra
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An Interview With Hamish Fraser
Dr. William Marra
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Eastern Religion and Christianity
Dr. William Marra
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Cardinal Newman and Theological Clarity
John Cardinal Wright
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The Perils of Being A Convert
John Muggeridge
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My Conversion Story
Dr. Kenneth Howell
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Reflections of A Convert On The New Millenium
Joseph Sobran
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Catholic Tradition: Ever Ancient - Ever New: Winning Converts the Ancient Way (Monterey 2/03)
H. W. Crocker
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Literary Converts From Newman To Muggeridge
Joseph Pearce
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Halos Even in Hell: Chesterton's Own Private Heresy
Father James V. Schall, S.J.
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Exorcism 101
Father John Perricone
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The Crisis of Leadership in the Catholic Church: Resolved: A Crisis of Leadership Exists in the Catholic Church - Monterey 3/15
James Bemis
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