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Father John Perricone

"Proofs of the
Existence of God:

The Five Ways

"What GOD Is Not"


Father Perrircone continues this six-part series on "The Five Ways" -- St. Thomas Aquinas' proofs for the existence of God.

St. Thomas teaches that we know with certainty that God exists.

But can we know anything about God? St. Thomas answers Yes.

What is God? By looking at his effects we can know something about the cause.

What we know about God are His perfections or “Names.”  Here we discuss His Simplicity and Perfection.

Click here to view PART 1:
"I Believe In God"

Click here to view PART 2:
"Motion and Change"

Click here to view PART 3:
"Way of Perfection"

Click here to view PART 4:
"Way of Finality"

Click here to view PART 5
"Names of God"

A Family Retreat

This month, the incomparable Bishop Sheen speaks to us on "The Mass" 

The 10th in a series of 12 talks given during a retreat in a Church filled with people
of all ages. 

One of his best and final retreats, you will surely enjoy listening to the Archbishop as he addresses each topic in his wonderfully articulate, compelling and humorous manner.


Choose your

Choose your

This magnificent recording of a Solemn High Tridentine Mass
of Easter
was filmed in Chicago at
Our Lady of Sorrows Church during the 1940's

The purpose of the video is to explain the beauty and mystery of this "Mass of the Ages" as it was passed down to us over the centuries.

This is the Mass loved and revered by the Saints, beautifully explained and narrated by the incomparable Bishop Sheen.

  • The significance of each part of the Mass is made clear, along with an explanation of the actions performed by the priest, the deacons and acolytes.
  • The great Mystery of the Mass itself is beautifully elucidated. 
  • If you would like to appreciate and pray the Mass as never before, this video will certainly be an aid in helping you do so.

After viewing this video, it will be easy to understand why Father Frederick Faber called the Tridentine Mass...

"The most beautiful thing
this side of Heaven."

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