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Our Story

A Family RetreatMore than thirty years ago, a dear and holy priest gave a Catholic family a complete set of audio tapes of a retreat given by the incomparable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen. The retreat was so inspiring that they obtained permission to copy the tapes for their friends and relatives. The response was phenomenal, and it inspired the idea of forming a lay apostolate – Keep The Faith - to distribute such inspiring solid and orthodox Catholic material to Catholics everywhere.

And now, by God's grace, our Keep The Faith's apostolate has grown to the point where we are now offering Catholic audio downloads and CDs to people in more than sixty-five countries for a minimal cost of $1.50 per download each year - always at cost – and often free-of-charge to Priests, Seminarians, and Religious.

Encouraged by this work, fellow Catholics have started sister apostolates throughout the world. Today, Keep The Faith maintains the world's largest audio collection of sermons and lectures by Venerable Fulton Sheen.

ConferenceWe also have hundreds of sermons and lectures by other foremost defenders of Catholic orthodoxy in the world today. Devotional talks, spiritual retreats, and theological subjects are available for Priests and layman alike on our website.

For Priests, these lectures and conferences offer a rich source of help in preparing sermons and offering instruction to the faithful; guidance and light on great matters of the Faith and moral theology; an unfailing help in pastoral work and their apostolate.

The lectures on our website address such topics as abortion, contraception, divorce, pornography, and the other evils of the modern world, exposing and condemning them in the light of Catholic truth.

Throughout our carefully selected library, the infallible teaching of the Holy Catholic Church is explained and defended with complete fidelity to Tradition and the Magisterium and the Holy Father.

Ol FatimaWith the opening of the twenty-first century and with the approaching 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima and the prophecies of Our Lady given there, Catholics around the world are becoming increasingly concerned, about the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima especially about the great chastisement she predicted if Catholics do not work and pray sufficiently for the conversion of souls.

With a growing sense of urgency, Keep the Faith is working to bring the truth of the Catholic Church to as many souls as possible - as soon as possible.

However, since KTF is a nonprofit organization, the continuation of our apostolic work always depends on the success of this website. We hope you'll take the time to browse the entire collection available on our website. Your purchase of Catholic downloads for yourself, your family, and your friends will help to sow the seeds of the Faith throughout our country and the world at this most critical time in history.

Mary, Help of Christians, Pray for Us!