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Let The Latin Mass immerse you in a world of Catholic Culture, Truth, and Beauty!

Published Catholic MagazinesSince 2001 we have offered our readers a refreshingly penetrating view of the Church and the world seen clearly in the timeless light of the Catholic Faith – “ever ancient, ever new.” In more than 80 issues we have given them:

  • The beauty and depth of the traditional Mass and the culture that it inspires.
  • A reasoned, objective examination of some of the most challenging issues facing the Church today.
  • A deeply informed analysis and a wide range of subjects

The Latin Mass: The Journal of Catholic Culture and Tradition is making an ongoing contribution to the scholarship and education of Catholics who love and support the Traditional Mass and the riches of Catholic tradition that our world so desperately needs.

The Latin Mass also offers an intellectually stimulating view of authentic Catholic culture. We bring you the perennial wisdom of Catholicism through its theological, spiritual, liturgical, cultural, and other perspectives. Our writers will help you to navigate the turbulent currents of contemporary culture – inside and outside the Church.

Each issue contains essays and analyses addressing various aspects of Catholic culture:

  • Features – Leading Catholic writers present comprehensive, orthodox essays from a Catholic perspective.
  • Departments – Specialized commentary and reporting are presented in the areas of History, Philosophy, Scripture, Theology, Literature, Art, Sermon, Liturgy, Education, Science, Cinema, Politics, Doctrine, Ethics, Economics, Biography, Architecture, Book Reviews, Liturgical Life, and more!
  • Homeschooling – Thoughts from top homeschooling authorities are offered on how to raise children in the Light of the Faith through education at home.
  • Roman Landscape – Our Rome correspondent brings the latest news from inside the Holy See.
  • And Even More – You will enjoy periodic sermons and essays; each issue concludes with A Final Thought on some current event or topic of discussion.


To make known the treasures of Catholicism within the context of a Western culture that is in the process of rejecting the Faith responsible for its greatness; to offer an antidote to the universal phenomenon of an accelerating secularism that is hostile to the One True Church and the salvific charge given to it by our Lord; to disseminate through a variety of disciplines the fullness of Catholic culture and fight against the corrupting influence of the compartmentalization of knowledge.

Some Key Means of Accomplishing the Mission:

  • Develop The Latin Mass journal into the intellectual arm of Catholics working for the return of the Church to tradition and authentic organic development.

  • Identify, develop, and publish writers committed to Catholic liturgical, spiritual, theological, and cultural traditions.

  • Organize educational conferences that will offer priests and faithful (often isolated because of their views and dispositions) a sense of hope and rekindle enthusiasm for grassroots propagation of the Faith.

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Benedict XVI

In February 2006 Pope Benedict XVI sent his thanks for our “kind letter” and for The Latin Mass magazines we sent him. His Holiness expressed his gratitude for our “devoted sentiments” and graciously indicated that he would remember us in his prayers. He invoked “God’s blessings of Joy and Peace” upon our work. We are most grateful to our Holy Father for his great kindness and encouragement.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying About The Latin Mass Magazine

Raymond Burke

Raymond Cardinal Burke

The Latin Mass: The Journal of Catholic Culture and Tradition offers insightful articles for a wide range of readership, which foster a deeper understanding of the Church’s unchanging tradition in its liturgical, doctrinal, and pastoral aspects, and thereby encourage Catholics to give a firm and effective witness to Christ in a post-Christian, post-modern world.”

Athanasius Schnieder

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

The Latin Mass magazine is called the “Journal of Catholic Culture and Tradition.” This Magazine makes all honour His name. I recommend such a noble work and I wish that it might continue to bring to many souls in our dark time the joy in the truth, the joy in truly worshipping God, the joy in the beauty of the moral life and of the Catholic culture.”

Josef Bisig

Father Josef Bisig, (founder FSSP)

The Latin Mass magazine is a wonderful resource to promote an appreciation for Catholic Culture, which has for its apogee and foundation, the Church’s venerable Liturgy.”

John Berg

Father John Berg, FSSP, Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter

“In a time when even the most important subjects are only superficially treated in polemical sound bites and “message boards,” The Latin Mass magazine has remained constant in providing its readers with solid material which helps them to understand and uphold the liturgy and doctrine of the Church. By providing a variety of articles, whether historical, doctrinal, spiritual, or practical, the Magazine furnishes its readers with a profound view of the riches of the tradition of the Church.”

Gerard Saguto

Father Gerard Saguto, District Superior, FSSP

“The thought-filled articles of Latin Mass provide an opportunity for needed reflection to help the thoughtful Catholic navigate the gauntlet of our modern secular society.”

Monsignor Barreiro

Monsignor Barreiro

“For many years The Latin Mass magazine has been in the forefront in the efforts to safeguard the traditional liturgy of the Church which gives the Lord the adoring worship that is due to Him. The immemorial liturgy offers an invaluable assistance to elevate our souls and minds in adoration to God. This ancient liturgical form it express better the sacrificial nature of the Mass. But the traditional Mass cannot live and thrive isolated from a culture that should provide a fitting context, so this great magazine is contributing to keep the Catholic culture alive through a many different articles of a theological, liturgical and historical nature. The readers of this magazine receive a substantial formation to motivate them to preserve our Faith, our liturgy and our culture for ourselves and for the benefit of the generations that will come after us.”

Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro is the former director of the office of Human Life International in Rome.

Brian Harrison

Father Brian Harrison

“Beautifully presented, well-balanced, and with first-rate articles covering a wide range of topics – liturgy, doctrine, church history, spirituality, literature, and much more – The Latin Mass is the best magazine out there promoting traditional Catholic culture in all its aspects.”

Rev. Brian W. Harrison, O.S., M.A., S.T.D., is a priest of the Society of the Oblates of Wisdom.

Thomas Curley

Father Thomas Curley

The Latin Mass has provided persistently an elegant and precise reflection of authentic Catholic thought. The panoply of articles are encouraging, challenging, and always informative. To paraphrase a great Catholic giant, ‘What the world needs is a magazine not when the world is right, but a magazine that is right when the world is wrong.’ I’m sure Archbishop Sheen would say The Latin Mass more than fits that bill.”

Father Curley is a retired pastor and a past Roman Catholic chaplain at West Point.

John Perricone

Father John Perricone

“To say that The Latin Mass magazine is only about the Latin Mass would be like saying that rain is only for umbrella makers. The Latin Mass opens its readers to the endless vistas of the Catholic universe with depth, sophistication and imagination. Always utterly firm, but never shrill. Urgent, without collapsing into panic. Confusion surrounds us, but it is not a necessity. The Latin Mass proves that with every issue.”

Father Perricone is a professor of philosophy at St. Francis College in Brooklyn; he has spent his entire priesthood fighting for the integrity of the Faith and has been in the vanguard of liturgical restoration.

From Our Lay Readers:

Alice von Hildebrand

Dr. Alice von Hildebrand

“Due to the omission of some very beautiful text in the novus ordo liturgy, many Catholics have felt like liturgical orphans. We are deeply indebted to The Latin Mass magazine for having re-connected us with the golden cord of tradition.”

Alice von Hildebrand, DCSG, is a Catholic philosopher and theologian and a former professor. She began teaching at Hunter College in New York City in 1947.

Charles Molineaux

Charles Molineaux, Esquire

“We are regularly reminded, via the beautifully illustrated articles in The Latin Mass, of our 2000-year Catholic Christian history and culture.”

Charles Molineaux, Esq.
International arbitrator, poet, and pomologist

Robert Reilly

Robert Reilly

“What a relief it is to read The Latin Mass – a noble banner for a besieged faith in a culture war we must win.”

Robert Reilly is a writer and the Executive Director of the Westminster Institute. He has taught at National Defense University, served in the Office of The Secretary of Defense, participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 as Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Information, was Director of the Voice of America, served in the White House as a Special Assistant to the President. He has published widely on foreign policy, the “war of ideas,” and classical music.