The 2020 Monterey Latin Mass Conference

The Vatican and the One-World Religion:
Are We Now Witnessing the Rise of What Saint Pius X Feared?

Monterey, California • February 22 - 23, 2020

We are extremely pleased to tell you that Father Anthony J. Mastroeni, who teaches theology and directs the chaplaincy at Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia; Father Joseph Illo, Pastor of Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco, California;  and Christopher Ferrara, Esquire, President American Catholic Lawyers Association will be our presenters this year.

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This conference could not be more timely.  As Cardinal Burke has just told The Wanderer in a December 26, 2019 interview:

… "ecological conversion" is being used as an argument for a one-world government. This is a masonic idea, an idea of completely secularized people who no longer recognize that the governance of the world is in the hands of God, Who entrusts it to individual governments, nations, and groupings of people according to nature itself.

The idea of a one-world government is fundamentally the same phenomenon that was displayed by the builders of the Tower of Babel who presumed to exercise the power of God on earth to unite heaven with earth, which is simply incorrect. What we truly need is a religious conversion, in other words, a strong teaching and practice of faith in God and obedience to the order with which He has created us.

In my judgment, these terms are very insidious and are being used to promote a certain agenda which has nothing to do with our Catholic faith.

This conference will address precisely this threat, coming from the Vatican itself, that Cardinal Burke is warning us about. We hope to see you in Monterey next month!

The 2020 Featured Speakers

Father Anthony J. Mastroeni, S.Th.D., J.D.:

Father Mastroeni was ordained for the diocese of Paterson, 1972. He earned a doctorate in Moral Theology from the Angelicum in Rome; a J.D. in Civil Law from Rutgers Law School; and an M.A. in Psychology from Seton Hall University. For most of his years of the priesthood he has been teaching university students, as well as giving retreats, mostly to consecrated women. From 1999 to the present Father Mastroeni has taught theology.

Father Joseph Illo:

Father Joseph Illo graduated B.A. in philosophy from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas (the Angelicum) in Rome. He studied at St. Joseph’s Seminary, New York and was ordained in 1991 for the Diocese of Stockton. He has been pastor of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Modesto, chaplain at Thomas Aquinas College and is currently pastor of Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco.

Christopher A. Ferrara:

Chris Ferrara is President and Chief Counsel for the American Catholic Lawyers Association. He is a prolific writer for Catholic magazines and periodicals; he is active in the pro-life movement; his latest book is The Great Facade: The Regime of Novelty in the Catholic Church from Vatican II to the Francis Revolution (Second Edition).


We want to offer the speakers a warm and welcoming greeting. Bring your friends and relatives. Tell everyone.

The conference will feature a Latin Mass on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. and Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

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