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The Keep The Faith Catholic mobile app (available for iOS and Android) allows you to instantly listen to a lecture or conference on your phone or other mobile device as a podcast episode. The days of cassette tapes and CDs are practically obsolete; the future is the mobile app and the internet. Young people are used to reaching for their phones when they want information about any particular topic. To this end we are offering more than forty years of history FREE via our new mobile App in the form of audio podcast episodes of hundreds of lectures and conferences by some of the best Catholic speakers (including the largest selection of Venerable Bishop Sheen’s lectures, retreats, and his full series on teaching the Faith).

This easy-to-use mobile app will reach the young people and all who are in great need of catechizing and those who are discovering the riches of the traditional Mass and the treasures of the Catholic Faith. Just Tap and Listen…

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How to Add the App to Your Phone

  2.  SEARCH for “Keep the Faith Catholic”
  3. Find the KTF icon
  4. Tap INSTALL or GET


Three Ways to Find Episodes in the App

1. Tap on the 3 Horizontal Lines at the top left of the app.
• Scroll and Tap on a Category
• Tap on a Podcast, then Tap on an Episode
• Episode will play
2. Tap on a Featured Podcast Banner on the Home screen
3. Scroll down the home screen and tap on a Podcast

Once the KTF app is installed you will be able to find any of our podcast episodes on your phone and listen to it immediately and always FREE!

As we issue new releases, you can occasionally receive a notification alert on your phone